Reflections upon last week’s webinar on the poultry and swine value chains in Uganda

Reflections upon last week’s webinar on the poultry and swine value chains in Uganda

So what are the opportunities in the poultry and swine sectors of Uganda?  

Over 80 people from the Dutch, Ugandan and wider African private sector participated recently in our webinar aimed at answering this question.     

During this webinar on the 7th of July, we presented the results of our study to both sectors. We did so in collaboration with our local expert consultants Henry Magala and Dr. Donald Kugonza from Makerere University, guest speaker Dr. Wasswa from the Seeta Institute of Animal Production and Management and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kampala and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).  

After an introduction from director Matthias Brienen we presented an overview of the study and our local experts shared their expertise and views on the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on the respective sectors. Interestingly, although both have been hit hard, they presented an overall positive look towards the future. With the underlying demographic and socio-economic trends still in favour of increased consumption, overall sector growth is expected to continue!  

Guest speaker Dr. Wasswa shared his experiences with the Dutch education system and his initiative to replicate a similar practical education model in Uganda. With limited knowledge and skills being key bottlenecks in the sector, this initiative was well-received by the other webinar attendees.  

The overwhelming enthusiasm prior, during and after the webinar confirm our views that Uganda and East-Africa in general is increasingly showing up on the radar of the Dutch private sector. Active engagement of the participants made for an interesting and energetic Q&A, for which we would like to express our thanks!  

The webinar proved to us the effectiveness and quality of bringing participants across the globe together to share their knowledge and experiences. We thus hope to keep organizing webinars, presenting our insights and starting connections. Keep an eye on our social media for all our future announcements! 

If you would like to receive the paper, want to watch our recording of the webinar or just want more information then feel free to contact Tim.de.Kruiff@Larive.com

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