PoultryTechUganda | Partnership

PoultryTechUganda | Partnership

Strengthening productivity, sustainability and resilience in the Ugandan poultry value chain

  • Region: Uganda
  • Sector: Livestock (Poultry)
  • Duration: 2021-Active
  • 9 Project partners
  • Public-private partnership co-financed by the Dutch government


PoultryTechUganda is a public-private partnership of Dutch and Ugandan companies that jointly aim to develop the Ugandan poultry value chain and make the local sector more resilient to external shocks. Launched in December 2021, this partnership aims to create a resilient and profitable Ugandan poultry value chain, through substituting imported farming inputs with locally produced inputs, allowing for broad sustainable development of Ugandan poultry farmers. This is achieved by improving overall productivity, sustainability and resilience in the Ugandan poultry value chain while strengthening business relations between stakeholders in the Dutch and Ugandan poultry value chain resulting in increased trade, investment and cooperation.

The Ugandan Poultry sector: challenges and opportunities

As a country, Uganda is growing and developing rapidly. Growing from a population of 24 million people in the year 2000 to 50 million people in 2024, its demographic development poses both opportunities and challenges. The Ugandan population is especially young, with 48% of its inhabitants being below the age of 15 in 2021, leading to around 1 million people entering the job market each year.

The poultry sector in Uganda is currently undergoing a transformation that provides interesting opportunities for private sector development. The popularity of both chicken meat and eggs is increasing, fueled by increasing consumer demand for ready-to-eat products. A group of more professional farmers is starting to emerge, shifting from subsistence farming, who are eager to adopt more professional farming practices.

Despite the positive sector outlook on the demand side, the development of the poultry sector in Uganda is limited by several challenges, including a high degree of information asymmetry in the market, seasonal input shortages, limited agro-processing facilities, lack of farmer utilization of quality feeds, limited quality of genetic material, limited knowledge on nutrition, fraudulent veterinary inputs and limited rural extension services, improper farm management and low institutional support.

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for the efficient, responsible and sustainable production of poultry products. Its quality, safety, hygiene, efficiency and health policies and practices are regarded as the highest international standards. Within the PoultryTechUganda project, the Dutch and the Ugandan poultry sector (knowledge institutes, government agencies and the private sector) have joined forces to contribute to the development of the poultry sector in Uganda. Core activities of the partnership include studies, demonstrating best practices, and transferring know-how via providing training programs and implementation of capacity-building activities.


The following innovative Dutch and Ugandan companies are part of PoultryTechUganda, each offering complementary solutions and covering essential steps of the poultry value chain:

  • Aeres Training Centre International
  • Asigma Capital Advisory Services
  • Asiima Agri Concern
  • Champrisa International
  • Hendrix Genetics
  • KukuChic
  • Nutreco
  • Royal Pas Reform
  • Ottevanger Milling Engineers

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