Empowering Aquaculture in East Africa

FoodTechAfrica is improving food security through private sector development in East Africa.

  • Region: East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania)
  • Focus: aquaculture sector (The entire value chain including feed, production, processing)
  • Duration: July 2013 – July 2020
  • Public-private partnership, involving 13 project partners


FoodTechAfrica is a public-private partnership aiming to improve food security in East Africa through the establishment of a fully integrated aquaculture value chain. East Africa’ growing population results in an increasing demand for animal protein. Applying Dutch technology and knowledge to the African context results in a sustainable local fish production that offers substantial opportunities to improve food security and contributes to economic development.


The consortium initiated and coordinated by Larive contains the following sector experts jointly building the aquaculture value chain:

Almex, Dinnissen, Fishion, Best Fresh Fish, Holland Aqua, KMFRI, Lattice Consulting, Nutreco (Skretting), Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Unga Group, Viqon Water Solutions, Wageningen UR, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Wouter van Vliet

Partner. The Netherlands

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