Fishub, a recirculating aquaculture system for Africa

Fishub, a recirculating aquaculture system for Africa

In 2017, a standalone Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) was specially developed for aquaculture in Africa. The fish farm unit was launched under the name FisHub. In the framework of the FoodTechAfrica project. FisHub is designed to produce 100 x more than open ponds (125 kg/m3 annual production). The mini fish farm features 50% lower feed cost, 25% higher survival rate, 99% water reduction and excellent control over water quality and temperature conditions. FisHub is easily transportable and can be mounted by only a few local people.

Invest in aquaculture

Growth in aquaculture production for Africa is projected to be low and is expected to supply about a quarter of the fish consumed in Africa by 2030. It is only a 2% share of the global fish output (source FAO). Capture fisheries will continue its dominance as a source of fish supply until 2050. Tilapia will continue to be a major species for aquaculture production in Africa. Sustaining an annual average of 10 kg of fish per capita is unlikely, given the estimated population growth on the African continent. In fact, researchers predict that by 2025, there will in Africa probably be a shortfall of more than a million tons of fish, if the aim is to sustain fish consumption at the 2012 level. More imported fish is projected to meet the demand from the growing population and as a result, fish prices will increase, meaning the poorest populations will suffer the most. A huge demand means that there exists a tremendous potential for aquaculture expansion in Africa

Our aim was to develop and implement a complete fish farm value chain based on technologies specially designed for the challenging East African conditions.

Extensive vs Intensive fish farming

Open pond is a worldwide applied fish farming technology. But the local African climate and environmental conditions are often not favorable (too cold, too dry, diseases, predators) to maximize the production. Creating an optimal environment for the fish maximizes the growth potential and gives the farmer the highest harvest per square meter.

FisHub features – set-up single tank

Annual production capacity 6,500 kg tilapia or 16,000 kg catfish
Tank volume 50 m³ (50,000 litres)
Total footprint 100 m²
Daily feeding 20 – 40 kg per tank
Maximum standing stock 3,000 kg
Annual harvest 13,000 – 20,000 tilapia pieces
Type of fish East Africa Tilapia, Catfish

Project partners

Holland Aqua, Viqon, Fishion,


The first FisHub farm system will be deployed in 2018. For more information about FisHub contact Menno Morenc

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