Rijk Zwaan Nederland
Burgemeester Crezéelaan 40
2678 KX De Lier
The Netherlands
T +31 174 532 300

Rijk Zwaan India Seeds
Karnataka, India
T +91 80 3044 3100

Rijk Zwaan

A Dutch family-owned vegetable breeding company

In the worldwide market of vegetable seeds, Rijk Zwaan is at the fifth place with a turnover of 350 million euros and a market share of 8%.
Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells the seeds produced from them. The huge genetic diversity that nature has to offer is combined with continuous investments in R&D: on average 30% of the annual turnover. This results in plant varieties with ever-better combinations of desired traits. Rijk Zwaan has more than 1.000 varieties in its assortment in 25 different vegetable crops.
The seeds of Rijk Zwaan are sold in more than 100 different countries, via 27 locally-operating sales subsidiaries and numerous distributors.

To align its products perfectly with market requirements, the company is not only in close contact with growers, but also with the rest of the vegetable chain. Rijk Zwaan chooses a personal approach and strives for win-win situations and long term partnerships.
The head office is situated in De Lier, the Netherlands. In addition, Rijk Zwaan has 30 foreign subsidiaries, where the sales, R&D and seed production is carried out. In 2011 Rijk Zwaan founded a subsidiary in India, with the office in Bangalore and a breeding station to develop varieties for local circumstances.

The company has around 2,500 employees who are the most important asset of the company. The company culture is centered around involvement, team work and loyalty. As a result, the employees are highly motivated to provide all its customers with top-quality seeds and high level service.

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