SGDP RiceTechCambodia awarded for the organic rice sector in Cambodia

On June 5, 2019, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Partnership Facility enabled by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency awarded RiceTechCambodia, a consortium consisting of SanoRice, AMRU Rice, Oxfam Cambodia, Development and Partnership in Action, Larive International and the Provincial Department of Agriculture of Mondulkiri.


RiceTechCambodia aims to add value to the organic rice value chain in Cambodia. With this project intervention, 2400 small-scale rice farmers will be reached in the Mondulkiri province. From which 1300 farmers will receive extensive training on organic agriculture and good agricultural practices. At the same time these farmers get access to drying, storage and milling facilities, which increases the quality of the rice products can be sold and, in this way, increases the income of farmers. Also, access to the international sales market is ensured with this intervention.

Inclusive growth for the Cambodian rice sector

The SDGP project will implement a responsible, sustainable and inclusive rice value chain where it connects demand side (economic actors) with supply side (rural communities). The smallholder farmers in Mondulkiri (north-eastern part of Cambodia) currently lack an incentive to professionalize their rice production activities in order to improve their yield and income due to the absence of a direct sales market. By introducing professional organic rice cultivation practices through extensive training & contract farming, and creating access to nearby paddy drying, milling & storage facilities, the farmers will be able to gain knowledge, increase rice quality and yield, and increase income because of premium prices for their produce. It is conservatively calculated that a farmer with 1.5 ha of land can increase its between 140-216% as a result of the project.

The project will be realized by supply of high-quality foundation seeds, (mechanical) agricultural tools & tractors, transfer of know-how, implementing track & trace along the supply chain, organic certification, installment of drying, milling & storage facilities, quality control & assurance, and introduction of a pilot project for circular rice-fish farming.

All project activities will directly lead to significant improvement of the livelihoods of local small-scale rice farmers in Mondulkiri and indirectly strengthen the general business climate in Cambodia, contributing to sustainable economic growth.


  • Sanorice. A European producer of puffed rice, corn and other cereal cakes, located in the Netherlands
  • AMRU Rice. A company active in processing and fair trade of organic rice, located in Cambodia
  • Oxfam in Cambodia (NGO),
  • Development and Partnership in Action (NGO),
  • Provincial Department of Agriculture of Mondulkiri (local government)
  • Larive International (project coordinator)

For more information, please contact Davinia Lamme.

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