SHV Energy is a leading global distributor of LPG and a significant player in small-scale LNG and sustainable biomass. To facilitate decision-making with regard to the company’s inorganic expansion strategy in Africa and Asia, Larive supported SHV Energy by providing detailed market and business intelligence, identifying potential M&A targets, and transaction advisory services.

Leveraging an in-house developed decision-making tool, Larive identified the most attractive markets based on domestic LPG demand and growth projections, trade balances, supply chain structures, risk assessments and assessment of the competitive landscapes.

After performing the necessary compliance checks on a selection of shortlisted players, Larive contacted suitable M&A targets and set up initial discussions with the key management and shareholders. Larive subsequently supported SHV Energy with drafting potential deal structure(s), and negotiation strategies and recommended next steps.

From the new markets’ entry assessment, multiple in-depth market assessments were conducted in various Asian and African countries.

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