Wouter van Vliet

Wouter van Vliet

Director Larive International

Job title

Managing director


Wouter is a visionary leader and a catalyst for global collaboration, with over 16 years of experience at Larive International. He has played an instrumental role in fostering cross-border partnerships for companies and driving sustainable business growth in emerging markets across Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe for Larive’s clients.

Wouter’s expertise lies in bridging the gap between companies, governments, and stakeholders across diverse cultures and sectors, with a particular focus the agrifood and manufacturing industries. His passion for emerging markets and his ability to connect people, companies and ideas have been pivotal in the success of numerous successful market entries and public-private partnerships.

As the driving force behind initiatives such as FoodTechAfrica, BakeryTechChina and Samaki Poa, Wouter demonstrated his commitment to facilitating international trade and investment for companies, both SME and mid-sized. He enables businesses to navigate complex markets and unlock new opportunities through his strategic vision and deep understanding of local dynamics. Wouter is responsible for building and maintaining the Larive Group, across the 24 countries in which it operates.

Prior to joining Larive, Wouter gained valuable experience, both as an entrepreneur and in a corporate environment, working for multinational companies such as RealNetworks and Stork. This diverse background has shaped his entrepreneurial mindset and ability to understand the challenges faced by businesses operating in global markets.

Wouter’s thought leadership has been recognized in media outlets, where he has shared his insights on market entry strategies, economic development in Asia and Africa, and the future of global trade. His expertise has been sought after by organizations seeking to expand their global footprint responsibly and sustainably.

Whether you are looking to enter or expand your business activities in fast-growing markets, Wouter van Vliet is a trusted advisor and a catalyst for success. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals while creating a positive impact on local communities and the environment, leveraging his extensive network and deep understanding of cross-cultural dynamics.



  • Maastricht University: Master’s degree in International Business
  • Seattle University: Master’s degree in Business Administration



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