Niels Verlinden

Sr. Project manager. The Netherlands

Niels Verlinden


University of Utrecht: Master’s degree in International Business, Trade & Tax Law
University of Utrecht: Bachelor’s degree in International Tax Law
Queen Mary University of London: Minor in UK Tax Law

Job Title: Senior Project Manager

Niels Verlinden thrives in situations where businesses need strategic advice for expansion in Asia or Africa. Niels has particular experience in risk asssessment studies and putting together business plans and financial models. He will deliver the tools to successfully do business in any foreign market you wish to enter. Based on his on-the-street experience, he will tell you whether the investment is as interesting as it appears to be. As project manager he is involved in the Public-Private Partnership BakeryTechChina. Niels has executed several projects in Cambodia, China, Nigeria, Thailand and Ukraine.


After working for two international tax consultancy firms and being responsible for transaction advisory services, Niels decided to employ his entrepreneurial mindset by joining Larive and is now responsible for converting great ideas into emerging market realities!