The dynamic world of PPPs

The dynamic world of PPPs

Doing business in high growth markets can be highly rewarding. Yet many organizations are hesitant to enter these markets. For good reasons, as they are often very complex, information is difficult to obtain and companies need to rethink their strategy to fit the local context. Sometimes, working together in a partnership can ease market entrance and enable companies to offer solutions for the entire value chain.

Larive International is a business development advisory firm, helping companies to overcome these challenges. Our work is characterized by diligent timing, consistent focus and, most importantly, leveraging local expertise.


Multi-annual PPP projects, such as RiceTechCambodia, require persistent effort from all partners. However, it is not realistic to expect all partners to fully dedicate their organizations to a single project for an extended period of time. In practice, this means that a good project manager understands the importance of timing. By leveraging the expertise of each partner, and combining strengths at the right time, the project manager is able to create synergies between partners.


So how come many projects still fail, even when partners are working well together and have all the right capabilities? New endeavors in high growth markets should not be centered on quick wins, but rather focus on the long run. Therefore it is critical to keep the goal of the project in mind. PPP’s are particularly tricky in terms of determining a shared goal. Strong project management is characterized by keeping the focus on the project’s common denominator. Arguably, leaders from both private and public organizations, who work towards sustainable and prosperous growth are the ones most likely to be successful in high growth markets.


Still, timing and focus are not the only determinants for success. Local know-how is widely recognized as the key ingredient for any venture’s success in new markets. At Larive International, we understand that high growth markets are particularly difficult to enter because of the lack of information. This is why we started investing in local presence since 1975. We currently have over a dozen local partners, allowing us to cover a total of 25 countries across Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. They also play a pivotal role in the planning, management and execution of our clients’ projects. A strong project manager knows which experts need to be engaged to fully understand the local context and obtain the right insights.


Your complexity challenge

High growth markets are often defined by accelerating innovation, opportunity and competition. Companies with global ambitions understand that these markets can play a pivotal role in their international strategy. Regardless of whether the market is entered solo, as part of a consortium or a PPP, organizations should craft a strategy designed to execute in response to the critical success factors unique for each target market. The strategy should provide for flexibility amid market transitions and position organizations for long-term success. At Larive International we understand that this is a difficult, time-consuming and costly exercise, which could benefit from our support and expertise.

Do you see opportunities in high growth markets? But aren’t sure how to reap the rewards? Or you would just like to have a (virtual) cup of coffee to exchange ideas?

Feel welcome and reach out to Jessica Schulte at Jessica.schulte@larive.com



RiceTechCambodia aims to add value to the organic rice sector in Cambodia, create inclusive growth for small scale rice farmers and enable the country to better serve well-developed rice markets in Europe. Want to learn more about RiceTechCambodia see this Link.

For more information on other PPP’s managed by Larive International see this link

SDGP RiceTechCambodia Adding value to the organic rice sector in Cambodia leading to inclusive growth
SDGP RiceTechCambodia Adding value to the organic rice sector in Cambodia leading to inclusive growth

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