Webinar: ‘Opportunities in the poultry & piggery sectors of Uganda’

Webinar: ‘Opportunities in the poultry & piggery sectors of Uganda’


The Republic of Uganda is a rapidly developing country in East Africa, experiencing a fast population growth and increasing incomes. The Ugandan population is projected to reach 100 MN in 2050, with 60% of this increase projected to take place in urban areas. Chicken meat, eggs and pork meat are all popular proteins, whose consumption is benefiting from an increasing consumer demand for ready to eat products. The poultry and piggery sectors in Uganda both provide interesting opportunities for the Dutch private sector and education institutes.

Poultry & piggery sector assessment

On behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kampala, Larive International and its regional partner Lattice Consulting have assessed the poultry and piggery sectors of Uganda and identified the most interesting business opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions.


Curious to learn which opportunities the Ugandan poultry piggery sectors offer to your organisation? During the webinar, Jessica Schulte and Tim de Kruiff of Larive International, Emmanuel Wanjuu of Lattice Consulting and Henry Magala and Dr. Donald Kugonza from Makerere University will provide insights into the opportunities in the poultry piggery sectors and ongoing trends developments in the country.

Webinar date: 07th July 2020

Time: 10 AM CEST (11 AM EAT)

Meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86320457129



During this online session, the following subjects will be presented:

  • Key facts and figures of the Ugandan economy.
  • Highlights of the Ugandan poultry & piggery value chains.
  • Dutch support instruments available for a potential investor or exporter to Uganda.
  • Bottlenecks & opportunities.
  • Doing business in Uganda: How to position your organisation?

We welcome questions and discussion at the end of the session.


If you would like to join the webinar and/or receive a copy of the full market report, please contact Tim de Kruiff (tim.de.kruiff@larive.com).

We hope to see you online!



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