Webinar: ‘Opportunities in the poultry sector in Bangladesh’

Webinar: ‘Opportunities in the poultry sector in Bangladesh’


Bangladesh (167 MN inhabitants) has been the fastest growing economy in Asia-Pacific in recent years. As a result of increasing disposable incomes, consumption of animal-based protein, including poultry meat and eggs, are expected to grow substantially for (at least) the next 10 years. To meet the growing domestic demand, substantial investments in enhanced (more knowledge-intensive) production techniques are foreseen. This offer opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions in virtually all segments of the poultry value chain.

Poultry sector assessment

On behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dhaka, Larive International and its Bangladesh based affiliate LightCastle Partners, have assessed the poultry sector in Bangladesh and identified the most interesting business opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions.


Curious to learn which opportunities the Bangladeshi poultry sector offers for your organisation? During a webinar, Matthias Brienen, Director of Larive International, and Zahed Amin of Director of LightCastle Partners, will share their views on doing business in Bangladesh and the opportunities in the poultry sector.

Webinar date: Tuesday 19 May 2020

Time: 10 AM- 12 AM (GMT+2)

Meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81462622564


During this online session, the following subjects will be presented:

  • Bangladesh’s economy: Key facts and figures.
  • Highlights of the Bangladesh poultry value chain.
  • Insights in the regulatory framework in Bangladesh from the perspective of a potential investor or exporter.
  • Bottlenecks & opportunities.
  • Doing business in Bangladesh: How to position your organisation?

There is room for questions and discussion at the end of the session.


If you would like to join the webinar and/or receive a copy of the full report, please contact Iris Boom (iris.boom@larive.com).

We hope to see you online!



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