Webinar Series: ‘Food Safety – The Journey from Plant to Plate’

Are you a Horticulture enthusiast eager to learn more about topics related to food safety? During the HortiTechIndia webinars we held Indian and Dutch experts will tell you more about the food safety challenges, opportunities and solutions covering the entire horticulture supply chain.You can find all recordings here and on youtube.

Webinar I – Food Safety from Harvest to Plate

  • Watch recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT0KltHIeq8
  • Topics covered: Risk & Toxicity, Post-harvest Management, Storage, and Transport, Challenges in Retail.
  • The objectives of this webinar are to provide insights into:
    1. The importance of food safety;
    2. The mechanisms via which compounds can induce adverse effects on human health;
    3. How to best manage fruit and vegetables after harvesting to reduce food safety risks;
    4. How to best store fruit and vegetables reduce food safety risks;
    5. How to mitigate food safety risks at the end of the supply chain.
  • Main Speakers:
    • Marije Strikwold, Associate professor (ass. Lector) Safety in the food chain, Toxicologist at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
    • Marc de Ruiter, Lecturer at Lentiz Educational Group
    • Sumit Saran, Director at SS Associates

Webinar II – Food Safety and High-Tech Production

  • Watch recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXGD1SAyOZc
  • Topics covered: International food safety production standards, production systems, greenhouse environment, control and biosecurity & risk mitigation.
  • The objectives of this webinar are to provide insights into:
    1. International food safety production standards;
    2. How production systems can contribute to food safety assurance;
    3. Dutch products, services and solutions which can support food safety risk mitigation;
    4. The role of technology in promoting food safety in horticultural production;
    5. How to mitigate food safety risks during crop production.
  • Main Speakers:
    • Siby Joseph, Managing Director at Dutch Plantin Coir India
    • Puck de Gier, Commercial Manager at TwinsYeald

Webinar III – Food Safety and Plant Management within the supply chain

  • Watch recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBDaGQq9nt4
  • Topics covered: High-quality seeds, culture, crop protection and risk mitigation.
  • The objectives of this webinar are to provide insights into:
    1. The importance of high-quality seeds for food safety;
    2. The importance of breeding and culture practices;
    3. Alternative crop protection solutions to enhance food safety and mitigate risks;
    4. How to mitigate food safety risks and enhance food safety standards at the beginning of the supply chain.
  • Main Speakers:
    • Udayanarayana Bhat, Director at Koppert India
    • Ajit Kumar Bisoi, Chain Manager at Rijk Zwaan India

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The consortium “HortiTechIndia” consists of highly innovative Dutch companies and knowledge institutes operating
in the horticulture sector. Together, we have the aim to collaborate with Indian partners to upgrade the Indian
horticulture sector and thereby enhance productivity and profitability along the entire horticulture chain, from
seed to the end consumer, giving special attention to mid-tech solutions.