Blame it on the Chinese partner! (or?)

Guest blog: Peter Rasmussen (Director Larive Group China) addresses six typical root causes of problems in Joint Ventures in China. When pointing at someone – there are three fingers pointing back at yourself! These days – in the midst of the ongoing trade war between China and the USA – my company Asia Base is […]

FoodTechAfrica Tanzania

Tanzanian aquaculture sector offers opportunities for Dutch public and private sector

Download: Tanzania Aquaculture Report | FoodTechAfrica 2019 The Netherlands embassy in Tanzania has commissioned an aquaculture report to identify the key development opportunities for Tanzania’s aquaculture sector and the potential for Dutch public and private sector involvement in addressing these opportunities. The study suggests an integrated Dutch-Tanzanian public and private sector approach based upon the […]

SDG Partnership facility (SDGP)

(Updated August 2021) With the SDG Partnership facility (SDGP), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with, aims to contribute to the achievement of various sustainable development goals in developing countries. Companies, public institutions, NGOs and knowledge institutions that want to cooperate in a PPP in order to contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs) in […]