Webinar: ‘Opportunities in the aquaculture sector in Bangladesh’

Bangladesh Bangladesh (167 MN inhabitants) has been the fastest-growing economy in Asia-Pacific in recent years. Fish is the most consumed source of animal protein in Bangladesh (22 kg per person per year) and continues to rise due to increasing consumer purchasing power. Substantial investments are foreseen to facilitate sustainable and commercially viable growth of the […]

On the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

The R-what? As the world becomes more dependent on Asia, unforeseen events such as covid-19 affect global value chains and lead companies to rethink their manufacturing bases and supply chains, diminishing trade barriers is an important driver for economic growth. Although the process has been slow, involving over eight years of negotiations, in November 2020, […]

2021 Vietnam key sector outlook

Vietnam has become quite a success story amid the pandemic, as domestic economic growth has been reported. Vietnam was able to rebound its manufacturing sector, expand retail sales, increase domestic demand and improve business confidence. Given its investor-friendly policies, relative economic and political stability, cost efficiency, and consumer demand prospects, Vietnam remains a strong candidate […]

Excellent Covid-19 control proves an effective economic buffer

At the start of 2020, the global economy dropped as the Covid-19 pandemic spread its wings. As with the rest of the world, key Vietnamese sectors, such as tourism and textile manufacture, crippled as well. The country was set out to grow 6.8% in GDP in 2020 after a growth of more than 7% the […]

Our Vietnamese partner Openasia

Introducing In 2001, the Larive Group was enriched as Openasia joined as the formal Larive Group partner for Vietnam. Characterized by a remarkable entrepreneurial background, Openasia lives up to its reputation as ‘entrepreneurial investor’. Larger than life brands, including Starbucks, Audi and Lafarge have all taken their first steps onto the Vietnamese market, directly supported […]