Atlas of Oral diseases translated in Thai

With help of Larive Thailand Professor van der Waal’s textbook; Atlas of Oral Diseases: A Guide to Daily Practice is now translated for the Thai medical sector.

At the launching event in Bangkok Prof. van der Waal shared his experience on the diagnosis and treatment of oral premalignant lesions and lichen planus, the two most common and often concerning conditions in oral medicine practice, with the audience in Bangkok. Participants had a chance to meet Prof. van der Waal and the Amsterdam Project team in person.

This book is the very practical translation of what the Netherlands and Thailand can work together in the medical sector. We hope that the book that is now available in Thai will be useful for dental practitioners and their task to fight cancer in Thailand. Dutch Ambassador Kees Pieter Rade in Thailand

Atlas of Oral Diseases: A Guide to Daily Practice

This atlas is designed to assist all who are involved in diagnosing and treating oral diseases. Individual chapters focus on lesions and disorders of the oral mucosa, soft tissues (including the minor salivary glands), lips, tongue, gingiva, palate, and jaw bones (odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions). In addition to the more common diseases, less frequent disorders are also covered, some of which have been recognized only in recent years. Throughout, the approach is practice oriented, with concise text and an abundance of high-quality clinical, radiographic, and, where appropriate, histopathologic images. The combined training of the author in oral surgery and oral pathology means that he has exceptional expertise in both the diagnosis and the treatment of oral diseases. His detailed knowledge and experience are fully reflected in the Atlas of Oral Diseases, which will be very helpful for dental and medical professionals in their daily practice.

The proceeds of the books are used for awards to students doing research in the field of oral diseases.