FoodTechIndonesia offers training to poultry farm managers in South Sulawesi

FoodTechIndonesia offers training to poultry farm managers in South Sulawesi

The Netherlands and Indonesia work together to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector. In March 2018 FoodTechIndonesia (implemented by the Poultry Expertise Centre and Larive International) organized a training program for broiler farm managers in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The goal of the training was to give local farmers opportunities to improve their operations, resulting in improved incomes, better usage of available resources and improved animal welfare.

Challenge in the Indonesian poultry sector

Small scale broiler farmers (open houses, 2,000 – 10,000 birds/farmer) account for >90% of Indonesia’s broiler farms. These wooden buildings often have open water systems and non-optimal temperature conditions (limited or no ventilation). As diseases spread more easily through open water and housing systems, broiler farmers face high mortality rates. To prevent entire flocks getting infected, Indonesian broiler farmers use vast quantities of (largely unnecessary) antibiotics, which can lead to resistance to animals and humans.

To meet the increasing demand from urban consumers, the broiler production in South Sulawesi needs to double its output over the coming five years. Local broiler farmers, therefore, must increase their productivity. However, broiler farmers in South Sulawesi face several challenges including:

  • Lack of availability of high-quality day-old chicks;
  • High mortality rates due to improper brooding management;
  • Inappropriate water supply and ventilation systems;
  • Low bio-security levels and high antibiotics use.

Dutch consortium
In 2013, a public-private initiative of Dutch companies active in the poultry value chain was established named FoodTechIndonesia. Goal of the partnership is to work in close cooperation with Indonesian stakeholders to improve and strengthen Indonesia’s poultry sector and to explore long-term business opportunities in Indonesia. Partners include GEA Food Solutions, Hendrix Genetics, Linco Food Systems, Nijhuis Water Technology, Pas Reform, Trouw Nutrition Nutreco, TopKip, Van Aarsen, Van Eck Industrial Hygiene and Zwanenberg Food Group. FoodTechIndonesia is initiated and coordinated by Larive International. Larive’s partner office Clarity Research based in Jakarta, is responsible for the local support & implementation of the project.

Local demonstration and training
As part of FoodTechIndonesia, several training programs are being implemented for broiler farmers in South Sulawesi. Target group are independent broiler farmers (e.g. parties not being linked to an integration). Objective is to increase the knowledge level of farm managers (and indirectly their employees), focusing on stall equipment (poultry house design, water supply, heating and ventilation) and applied management (brooding management, monitoring of flock and litter management). Furthermore, attention is paid to create awareness about food safety, animal welfare and environmental topics.

To disseminate the outcomes, FoodTechIndonesia works closely together with relevant Indonesian poultry associations such as PINSAR, GOPAN and ASOHI.

In March 2018 a group of Dutch experts the Netherlands Poultry Expertise Centre provided training in South Sulawesi. The Consortium has furthermore invested in demonstrations at farms in Makassar. At existing broiler farms, the Consortium upgraded houses with equipment from the Netherlands, which includes closed water (nipple) and mechanical (tunnel) ventilation systems from IMPEX Barneveld and automated (gas) heating systems from Gasolec.

Demonstration farm: Mr. Irwan – Makassar
Mr. Irwan is an independent broiler farmer based in the Makassar region with over ten years’ experience. His broiler house (8m x 40m) has a capacity of approx. 3,500 birds. FoodTechIndonesia cooperates with Mr. Irwan and his farm serves as demonstration location for showcasing best practices and training purposes.

Prior the training the following equipment has been installed, to transfer the existing (“open sided”) broiler house into a “semi-closed” house:

  • Curtains (manual operated) at the two open sides of the broiler house;
  • Four fans in the rear part of the broiler house;
  • A new heating system, making use of infra-red gas heaters;
  • Two lines of a drink nipple system;
  • Time switch systems to implement a new lighting program.

After having implemented the demonstration equipment, a new batch of DOC was received by the farmer. During the first weeks of rearing, the Dutch team provided training at site for a group of poultry farmers from the South Sulawesi regions. Furthermore, livestock students from the University of Makassar participated at the training. During the training program attention has been paid to the following subjects:

  • General broiler farm management;
  • Quality aspects of day-old chicks;
  • Brooding management (first week management);
  • Preparing the brooding area;
  • Principles of ventilation and climate control;
  • How to measure the climate in broiler houses;
  • Recording of production data;
  • How to use/manage the new installed equipment;
  • Uniformity analysis of broiler flocks;
  • Analysis of sick animals.

The trainers (farmers & students) were eager to learn about the improved farming technique and new equipment installed. During the evaluation, it was concluded that a lot of the new information can directly be implemented at their own farms.

For further details, please contact Matthias Brienen or check the website of FoodTechIndonesia and Poultry Expertise Centre.

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