Food Tech Holland Innovative Chain Solutions (September, 2012)

Chain Food Tech Holland is a consortium of highly innovative Dutch companies operating in the food sector providing for high tech solutions along the supply chain. The unique technologies can be tailored to the specific Indian needs. The strength of the Dutch food processing sector lies in its integral approach (“chain approach”) of food production, […]

Fryo Foods buys Potato Processing Line from Dutch Company Kiremko (September, 2012)

The purchase order is a direct result of the so called Package4Growth, a subsidy of the Dutch government. Larive International assisted Kiremko regarding the application, which led to the actual purchase of the equipment. Notwithstanding the purchase order can be considered as a remarkable step towards improving bilateral relations between the two countries in the […]

Larive acquires world leading water desalination technology (September, 2012)

AquaSwiss AG, founded late 2008, acquired the exclusive rights to use the thermal desalination technologies of IDE TECHNOLOGIES for defined regions within the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. In these regions AquaSwiss AG offers a portfolio of thermal and membrane desalination solutions on EPC (Engineering Procurement & Contracting) as well as BOT/BOO (“Build […]

Most of the direct foreign investments take place in developing economies (September, 2012)

Developing countries also generated record levels of FDI outflows, much of it directed to other developing countries. This further demonstrates the growing importance of developing economies to the world economy, and of South-South cooperation and investment for sustainable development. These figures have been reported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). International […]

Doing business easiest in Singapore, Hong Kong, South-Korea new entrant to the top 10 (September, 2012)

Every year, the WorldBank assesses regulations affecting domestic firms in 183 economies and ranks the economies in 10 areas of business regulation, such as starting a business, resolving insolvency and trading across borders. Key findings: Singapore led on the overall ease of doing business, followed by Hong Kong, New Zealand, the United States and Denmark. South-Korea […]

Ukraine plans to improve vegetables cultivation (September, 2012)

The Ukrainian government has approved a plan to improve the vegetable processing industry till 2015. This involves an investment of 3 billion US dollars. The country aims to annual production with 10 million tons, enough to meet the domestic demand for vegetables. The modernisation of farms is important. About 30% of the volume is lost […]

Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: increasing demand for agricultural machinery (September, 2012)

In the coming years, the demand for agricultural machinery in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan will grow rapidly. This offers potential for exporters of machinery. Specifically for Russia, locally produced products have the future as the country would like to become less dependent on imports. This offers opportunities if you are considering to start local production. […]

Ukraine: need for more modern grain silo’s (September, 2012)

Ukraine is Europe’s granary. Total production accounted for 56.7 million tons in 2010. However, the country lacks sufficient modern capacity for temporary storage of grain. There is an increasing need for silo’s with modern transport systems, drying facilities, ventilation and measuring equipment. This offers opportunities for Dutch suppliers. Would you like to know more about […]

Ukraine: Opportunities in the Bakery Sector (September, 2012)

Larive Ukraine: Market Study Bakery Sector On behalf of the Dutch embassy in Kiev and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Larive Ukraine performed a market study about the opportunities in the Ukrainian bakery sector for Dutch companies. The market study contains the following items: Market indicators and -trends; Market potential; SWOT-analyse; […]

Larive Ukraine: Market Study District Heating Systems (September, 2012)

On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Larive Ukraine performed a market study about the opportunities for Dutch companies in the district heating sector in Ukraine. The market research has been executed at both national level (where relevant concerns) and is specifically focused on the following cities and surrounding area: […]