Reflections upon the webinar: ‘Opportunities in the aquaculture sector in Bangladesh’

On behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dhaka, Larive International, and their Bangladeshi partner LightCastle Partners have concluded a study on Opportunities in the aquaculture sector in Bangladesh. The study has assessed the status quo of the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Bangladesh and identified the key challenges and bottlenecks […]

How to construct a fish farm and train people from 1000s of kilometres away

Remote communication through the local team A big portion of the Larive Group projects in Indonesia are private-public partnership projects (“PPP’s”) and they are substantially reliant on expertise from the Netherlands visiting Indonesia to either implement projects or transfer knowledge.  This working method came to an abrupt end at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Indonesia gears up for investment

Like many Presidents before him, President Joko Widodo struggled to progress his agenda through parliament during his first term. Unwilling to have his reformist agenda derailed by parliament, President Jokowi announced that instead of revising individual laws his Government would push to pass an Omnibus Law that would include all the contentious laws that needed […]

Indonesia and our local partner Clarity Research

Larive International has been active in Indonesia ever since 1983, working closely with our local partner PT Clarity Research Indonesia, Larive Group member since 2006. Introducing Headquartered in Jakarta, Clarity is a business consulting company providing customized market research, business analysis, market entry strategy and business development and implementation services ever since its start in […]

FoodTechIndonesia supports Indonesian broiler farmers with increasing technical performance >30%

FoodTechIndonesia The Netherlands and Indonesia work together to strengthen the Indonesian poultry sector. The FoodTechIndonesia consortium comprises leading complementary (non-competitive) parties from various steps in the Dutch broiler and layer poultry value chain, which enables to provide Indonesian companies with integrated solutions. FoodTechIndonesia has been initiated by business development consultancy firm Larive International and its […]