Strengthen your outside view by learning from market entry failures

Emerging and frontier markets can offer greater returns to investors and corporates but also cater to greater exposure to associated risks due to their inherited nature. To capitalize on the opportunities in these high-growth markets, executives and decision-makers of businesses are trying to understand the determinants and critical factors of market entry by looking at […]

tilapia breeding

Digital learning as a knowledge tool to boost African aquaculture

Knowledge and skills are at the basis of a successful and profitable fish farming enterprise. However, access to knowledge, developed to suit the regional context, is still lacking in East Africa. One of the key goals of FoodTechAfrica, a partnership of East African and Dutch stakeholders coordinated by Larive International, has always been to unlock […]

Ivo van der Lee - YEP Aquaculture Officer Kenya

My experiences as a YEP Aquaculture Expert in Kenya

I have always been fascinated by living and working abroad. And I recently got the chance to do so, as I started as a Young Expert through the Young Expert Programme (YEP) at Lattice Aquaculture Limited through Larive International. My name is Ivo van der Lee and this is my experience as a YEP/Larive Young […]

Algae in the grow out ponds

Turning waste into feed: improving agricultural circularity through algae

Circular agriculture is a term used to describe agricultural practices aimed at minimizing inputs, chemical fertilizers, harmful substances, and waste. It is also focused on reusing residual products, both within supply chains and to other supply chains, such as the use of algae. Algae are used for a wide range of applications. Human consumption, cosmetics, […]