How combining meat and meat successors can restore and prevent future protein disbalance

The goal of alternative proteins is twofold: to restore the protein disbalance in several countries, and to prevent this disbalance in other countries. The needs for sufficient proteins for future generations, as well as food safety and security for all, requires us to look beyond the traditional market of animal-based meats and dairy. Furthermore, the […]

Our partner in India: Sannam S4

Expansion for any business brings about a vast array of new and exciting opportunities. For businesses looking to venture into new territories, outside of what is familiar, having the guidance and expertise on hand of a trusted partner, can alleviate any anxieties that such a prospect can present.   Faced with such a prospect, in […]

India 2021 Outlook: Trends and Opportunities

India is the world’s sixth-largest economy with a young, entrepreneurial population of 1.34 BN (billion), making it a booming investment destination. India is home-ground for some of the most cost-effective IT companies in the world and continues to be a crucial consumer market. For private companies and investors ‘looking East’, India is a promising candidate […]