Announcing a new partnership with LightCastle Partners from Bangladesh

Zeist, the Netherlands & Dhaka, Bangladesh – 29 October 2020. Larive International (HQ in Zeist, the Netherlands) and LightCastle Partners (HQ in Dhaka, Bangladesh), have agreed to establish a strategic partnership where LightCastle will become the exclusive member of the Larive Group in Bangladesh, a network of independent business development advisory firms in 24 high-growth […]

Lattice Consulting – At the heart of the medicine

Patients in Africa spend a lot on the acquisition of medicine. Despite this, the medicine is difficult to access. When available, the quality is often substandard. Pharmaceutical intermediary margins in African countries can be as high as 90%, due to a highly fragmented landscape of dispensers, distributors and wholesalers. Our client, a private group purchasing […]

Lattice Consulting – Notes on an international collaboration

Lattice Consulting and Larive International steer the FoodTechAfrica group, a public-private partnership of 17 companies, universities, and governmental institutes from the Netherlands and East Africa. FoodTechAfrica’s mandate is to boost the aquaculture sector in East Africa, resulting in increased production and improved animal protein access in East Africa. In doing so, we contribute towards higher […]

Lattice Consulting – Case in point

Over the course of two years, Lattice supported a major player in Kenya’s automotive industry together with all its major dealers in strategy development and implementation through Lattice’s 7D Methodology captured below. The 7D methodology has been developed over a long period of time and keeps being refined using lessons from various assignments. Talk about […]

Our East African partner Lattice Consulting

Lattice Company Overview Lattice Consulting is a boutique advisory firm supporting businesses in strategy development and corporate finance, corporate education, and new market entry. We help organizations think through and action complex business questions whose resolution enables them to unlock growth. Over the last sixteen years, Lattice clients have included Kenya’s largest companies and Kenya’s […]

SDGP RiceTechCambodia Adding value to the organic rice sector in Cambodia leading to inclusive growth

The dynamic world of PPPs

Doing business in high growth markets can be highly rewarding. Yet many organizations are hesitant to enter these markets. For good reasons, as they are often very complex, information is difficult to obtain and companies need to rethink their strategy to fit the local context. Sometimes, working together in a partnership can ease market entrance […]

Director’s Take – Matthias Brienen