Africa’s ongoing e-transformation, an interview with Bas Hoefman

  Who is Bas Hoefman and what is NTCS? NTCS, established in 2001 and headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, is a boutique consultancy firm in the Telecom, Energy and Electric Mobility domain. The company has a broad spectrum of international experience and knowledge in the e-mobility sector, especially in the field of charging infrastructure, […]

South Korea’s electrifying automotive industry

South Korea’s environmentally friendly vehicle industry is growing, from e-mobility technologies and Battery/ECU/EV Motors to Charging Equipment, Thermal management, and other related components. The automobile industry in total is now at the centre of technological development, with the transition to electric vehicles and autonomous driving vehicles. Restrictions on movement, factory shutdowns and other shockwaves from […]

Shaping the future of mobility in Bangladesh

Multiple factors will define Bangladesh’s automotive market growth over the next decade. In the most likely scenario, Larive group partners LightCastle projects industry annual growth to reach 34K units in 2025, representing an 11.2% CAGR. Some of the most prominent factors identified include: Government Procurement Procurement by the public sector is a major portion of […]

Nigeria traffic

Developments in the Nigerian Automobile Industry

Nigeria remains Africa’s largest automobile market with an average annual growth rate of 3% over the last decade. Activities in the industry commenced around 1950 with the assembly of major brands such as Volkswagen, Bedford, Leyland, Peugeot and Steyr producing trucks and saloon cars in partnership with the Nigerian government which dominated the market till […]

Grand opening FoodTechIndonesia demonstration broiler farm

In attendance of the Mr. Joost van Uum, Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and representatives of the FoodTechIndonesia consortium, the grand opening of the demonstration broiler farm at the premises of PT. Januputra Sejahtera farm in Sleman, Central Java, took place on Monday 4 […]