Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too.

Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too.

On World Food Day 2018 we asked ourselves the question: How do we take action for SDG goal 1: Zero hunger? The world’s population is growing and demand for food is rising, especially in high growth markets in Asia and East-Africa. Together with our clients, Larive implements several food security projects.

1.  Kenya – Aquaculture

Fish is an efficient and healthy source of protein that can feed the growing population. FoodTechAfrica aims to provide healthy fish for the Kenyan population by locally developing a sustainable aquaculture sector.

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2. India – Reducing Food waste

Every year, 40% of the fruits and vegetables produced in India are wasted due to the poor transport and storage facilities. FoodTechIndia is reducing food waste, by developing the cold chain and assisting greenhouse farmers to increase vegetables production.

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3. Indonesia – Poultry

Poultry is an efficient form of livestock in terms of water usage, feed conversion and greenhouse gas emissions. To fulfil the growing demand for poultry in Indonesia, productivity has to increase significantly by introducing improved (knowledge-intensive) production systems and share Dutch expertise. Since 2013, FoodTechIndonesia is actively improving and strengthening the local poultry value chain.

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Our approach for Zero hunger

Larive International initiates and coordinates consortia of innovative Dutch companies and knowledge institutes, active in the agro and food sector, with market entry and growth potential in the emerging markets. The consortia (also called Public-Private Partnerships) offer integral solutions responding to the increasing local demand for safe food and contributing to local private sector development. Governments, private sector and knowlegde institutions are stronger together.

Does your company want to take action in high growth markets with our approach? Contact us at info@larive.com  or reach us at +31(0)30 69 33 221 and stay posted at our social media channels.

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